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« Avengers », « Iron Man », « Thor »… comprendre l’univers de Marvel au cinéma, en six minutes

Depuis le premier film « Iron Man », en 2008, des pierres aux pouvoirs « incroyables » se sont cachées dans les films des studios Marvel. À l’occasion de la sortie d’« Avengers : Infinity War », le 25 avril, retour en vidéo sur dix ans de cette quête hollywoodienne.

Machine à blockbusters, l’univers cinématographique du studio américain Marvel cache une trame narrative plus complexe qu’il n’y paraît, celle des pierres d’infinités.

Éparpillées dans la galaxie, ces six gemmes de puissance ont croisé la route des superhéros Marvel à maintes reprises. Dans l’ombre, travaille Thanos, un titan fou qui cherche à les rassembler pour détruire le monde. Consacrant l’arrivée de ce super méchant, le dernier film du studio Marvel, Avengers : Infinity War, qui sort le 25 avril, promet l’une des plus imposantes réunions de superhéros du cinéma hollywoodien.

Pour mieux comprendre, voici les grands enjeux du monde de Marvel, résumés en six minutes.

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Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor for Tony Stark Cosplay – DIY Ultra Thin Wearable with LEDs

Blue LED String:

I really feel like Tony Stark with this easy to make Arc Reactor that won’t break your budget! It’s not meant to be pretty looking but it looks good when it’s under your shirt. It’s powered by AA batteries and a string of LED lights so it won’t get hot against your chest. And it’s super thin! I don’t really like costume parties but the Arc Reactor is impressive and it’s virtually unnoticeable when the lights are off. The main part of the Arc Reactor is made of CDs or DVDs. I used a regular sized DVD and a mini-CD-R disc. Also, we will need the clear filler disc found at the bottom of every stack of blank discs.

Once it’s under a shirt, the Arc Reactor is super thin an unnoticeable! I think everyone can follow along with this easy Arc Reactor tutorial. The only thing you really have to buy is the LED string lights. I got mine from Amazon (see link below for the ones I got). Remember you only need the string with 20 LEDs. I will also leave a link where you can download the paper guide I used at the beginning of the video.

Blue LED String:
White LED String:
Mini CD-R Discs:
PDF Template:

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Aus geschmolzenem Aluminium eine Ironman Maske gefertigt – DiY

Heute habe ich aus geschmolzenem Aluminium den Kopf von Marvels Superheld Ironman gemacht – Schmelzofen
* Mein Schmelzofen ►
‘ Öl Formsand ►

8 Lifehacks die euer Leben vereinfachen!

Jumanji TM zeigt Life hacks , Tipps und Tricks die euer Leben vereinfachen, hin und wieder zeige ich wie man leckere Sachen mit Schokolade selber macht, z.B. Ein Oreo Eis mit ordendlich Schoko drüber. Diy und weitere Unterhaltung gibt es hier.

Business ►

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Musik Alan Walker – Fade [NCS Release]

Alan Walker
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Set of Iron Man Suit Up Scenes (Robert Downey) 2018

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BEST SUPERHERO COSTUMES FOR KIDS – Batman Deadpool Hulk Iron Man SpiderMan Thor Flash Wolverine

Awesome #Superhero Costume Ideas for Kids!
Captain America
Iron Man
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Music by NCS –
New episode #superheroes DC and Marvel #costumes #inreallife #cosplay for kids 2019.

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Best Iron Man Suit up scene – Avengers Infinity War 2018 720p HD

Iron Man Suit Up scene in Avengers Infinity war 2018 HD

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10 Times Iron Man Was Actually A Villain

When did this happen to Iron Man? Does Spiderman know about it?? 10 Times Iron Man Was Actually A Villain! Subscribe to our channel:

In the hierarchy of Marvel comic book and cinematic universe characters, Tony Stark is one of its most high profile assets. His father was Howard Stark, genius and founder of Stark Industries and early adopter of helping to defend the planet against attacks.
Everybody’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist has saved the world many times over, both by himself and alongside his fellow Avengers. Yet at his core, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, remains a deeply flawed human being. For every heroic trait he possesses, like loyalty to his friends, there’s an equally unsavory one that exists within him, such as his complete lack of humility.

Marvel Studios’ blockbuster movies starring Robert Downey Jr. have elevated Iron Man to incredible new heights, mixing snarky humor with know-it-all brilliance in just the right amounts that we always root for him. The actor’s impossible charm has made him far and away the most beloved adaptation of the character, but Tony hasn’t always been a good man in the comics. The movie version of Iron Man may cause audiences to overlook some of his comic book flaws, but you can’t look away for too long.

Tony Stark is the captain of his own destiny and responsible for his own choices. No one forced him to exile Hulk. No one said he had to build a prison and then capture his own friends and lock them away in the prison. Did Thor clone himself? No. Tony did that. He has more money than the universe combined and yet, went back to selling arms. Yes, Tony can follow the rules, but it seems only when it benefits him.

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Iron Man’s New Nanotech Armor Upgrades in Avengers 4

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As we get closer to Avengers 4 we receive new details and concept art for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. For Iron Man, we get a new look at his armor upgrades as he prepares for another battle against Thanos.

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