10 Marvel Superheroes Who Actually Wore The Venom Symbiote Suit

admin / September 28, 2018

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One of the most persistent and arguably coolest villains is the symbiote Venom. Sure the symbiote is an alien life form that turns people crazy, but he’s still pretty awesome. It heightens people’s darkest parts of their persona which is quite evil but there are a lot of cool benefits also. The Venom symbiote absorbs traits and powers from other characters it has possessed, which makes it pretty scary. Just like when he possessed Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel teamed up with Spidey to take out Mac Gargan who was causing chaos while wearing the Venom suit. She used her cosmic power to rip to suit off but it attached to her, and with her powers, that’s one dangerous symbiot. The suit is also linked to the merc with the mouth, Deadpool. Can you imagine what it’s like with those two linked up, or Deadpool being even crazier? But of course, we need to mention the first link up, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. While totally changing Peter’s persona, the symbiote did give him a really cool black and white suit, which fans hated at first but grew to love. And for those of you who love Spider Gwen, she will have an encounter with venom and become Gwenom before Robbi Rodriguez retires.
However, not everything about the symbiote is absolutely terrible. It also has regenerative powers which were helpful in the case of Peter Parker’s old bully, Flash Thompson. In an encounter with the Guardians of the Galaxy, they were able to purge the symbiote from its insanity and it rejoined Flash and helped him fight crime. Want to know more about the people Venom has possessed? Watch out video and find out.

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