10 Times Iron Man Was Forced To Beat Other Superheroes

admin / September 14, 2018

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10 Times Iron Man Was Forced To Beat Other Superheroes!
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Ah team work, it’s such an important part of friendship. When it comes to our favorite superhero role models, there is no exception. When there is a team of them, they work even better, take a look at the Avengers. But as with any friendship, especially one involving many strong personalities, there is bound to be conflict and disagreements. Again, super heroes are not immune, especially with their super personalities. All friendships can’t be perfect, take a look at Tony Stark, aka Iron Man in Captain America: Civil War. The Cap and Tony were totally divided. Sure there are a few fists flying but guess what? Civil War and The Cap aren’t the only heroes Tony Stark has had issues with. In fact, Tony Stark has beat up quite a few other Superheroes. On this list of course the Cap himself and the Winter Soldier. But he’s also gotten into it with fellow hot head and Avenger, Hawkeye. He’s even fought with Magneto himself, and while you might be thinking, the man who can control metal would definitely win against Tony’s Iron suit, you’re wrong. Tony Stark actually beat Magneto once. Believe it or not, he’s also given Peter Parker the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man a beating. Sometimes, it can be a little dangerous disagreeing with Tony it seems. When his pupil Peter Parker decides to leave after learning of Tony’s prison in the Negative Zone, but things don’t end well for their friendship. Want to know who else made our list? Check out our video and find out

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