Barack Obama , Rev Wright and My Iron Man Suit

admin / February 28, 2019

#Zennie62 – I thank the SF Chronicle and Editorial Page Editor John Diaz for the chance to write the essay this video is based on.

I’ve been a supporter of Sen, Barack Obama for President for 17 months, and one large reason is that he’s like me. We share the same August 4th birthday, and have walked similar paths of racial discovery. Both of us have carved out our niche as individuals able to walk in different circles and still be ourselves. That’s not easy; it comes as those around you tell you what they think your “place” in life should be; it’s no wonder that I felt violated by Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s National Press Club speech, as much as Senator Obama did.
Pastor Wright made me put on my Iron Man Suit again. – vlog produced by Zennie Abraham Zennie62 Blog – youtube video
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  • mrroboto19682008

    i understand what your trying to say,but unfortuneately people like the reverend wright are the reason why when you think your taking 2 steps forward your really taking 2 steps backwards.

  • draganryo

    I'm very glad you've made a success of yourself but didn't Obama say he could no more disown Reverend Wright then he could the black community? But hasn't he disowned him? I'm just confused about that. All supporters of Barack Obama have said that he didn't know that his pastor of 20 years was pretty anti American and racist. Blaming the whites for killing Jesus seems pretty racist to me. I'm confused when it comes to that.

  • Archangell

    I'm writing this right after viewing the press conference. Your video was linked in the category. I'm a subscriber to your channel. With that said it is obvious that you are black! And your suit is misnamed. The correct name is War Machine! I don't see the problem with his commentary in context, maybe you can guide me in finding the problematic areas (seriously I would appreciate it). I would no more denounce his statements than I would yours.

  • Archangell

    I agree with and have lived through that childhood you describe and find that the suit of armor I have to wear and still maintain is not so much for the Rev. Wright's of the world, but for the people who look at me everyday and see Flava Flav. The women who clutches her purse as I walk by or stand next to her in an elevator. (please note that I didn't say white)

  • Archangell

    In my humble opinion for the most part his statements are based in historical truth and though I may not like it that truth is still relevant. I need to acknowledge it if only for the reason that those truths do not repeat. Your right that people who can't see or only see your blackness are limited. You are free to be who you want to be it is your life to live. I respectfully submit however that because I don't look and act like Flava Flav it doesn't mean that I'm not perceived as being him.

  • freedomalert

    Oh! just for the record, there are many organizations that hide under the Christianity banner, to do what they really want, just like Mr.Wright, a marxist organization that has nothing to do with Christianity. But since he wanted to collect money and preach his ideas, he invented a church. The snicky way to introduce his hate to the unsuspected population.

  • freedomalert

    Listen, he drop the church now, because it does not look on him but he was there for 20 years, anyone knows if you stay in a club for 20 years is because you like it. Now it hurts his campaign, he is trying to play the game. Too late, at least for those that are not blinded by color.

  • freedomalert

    I thought you say things changed for you a while ago. Why do you say is here now just for Obama. What about Condoleza Rice, she does not seems to have to use excuses or pitty for being black in order to succeed. She did it by herself. She does not have to say negative things about America, so she can be looked at like a Leader, because a true leader values and is thankful for what he or she has been given.

  • tussell r

    minton78-what about mccain's pastor hagee?
    I have not seen one complaint about his hate speech.
    are you a truth seeker or are you just willing to look the other way?
    donot compare bush to obama.would you compare a C student to an A student?i guess so,
    why are people focusing on these pators so much. I donot recall this much attention in that area before.
    jerry falwell and pat robertson said god allowed 9/11 because of americas stance on abortions and other sins. where were you then

  • ikamoj

    Your perspective is very moving and hopeful. As a white kid that grew up in Oakland in the 60's/70's, I had an Iron Man suit at Oakland High School as well. Thanks for the post. Go OBAMA!

  • Anthony Cody

    Nice job, Zennie! Hang in there. I look forward to hearing more from you.

  • tussell r

    I think you make a lot of sense. people like you are going to bring this country together. Eventhough I feel that racism is alive and well, I think that the majority of all people in america are that way. I think that some racist are very rich and powerful and that is why it appears to be more wide spread than it is. those folks in iowa and other states sent a clear message to those that want to keep us at odds with each other. keep up the good work

  • xdeerizx

    How does he have the qualifications?? Name them and how he qualifys. What has he done? How much experience does he have? I would love to hear your answers, otherwise – you have just been brainwashed by other people.

  • xdeerizx

    How is it not obvious that secular progressives (Obama, Hillary), "Socialists" want to remove from this nation the principles she was founded on. Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Why do we want the gov to control more. This country has many problems but is still the greatest country in the world. Why are people trying to turn us into Europe. People blame everything on bust (easy cop out) when in fact it is the people of the nation that are to blame

  • xdeerizx

    Liberalism as a whole is an attack on the constitution! This great nation was founded as a republic! Read something.

  • SDR Rich

    I watch the news but I make up my own mind. I don't need someone telling me what I think and I sure don't need someone telling me how I feel. That's why people are individuals-We each have our own thoughts and beliefs and feelings. That is why I don't understand how people are acting like lemmings. Do you. Be you. Get rid of the Iron Man Suit. I come from a multi-cultural family and understand all that comes with it but I also remained true to myself. We all should do the same.

  • InabaML

    Please take the suit off and leave it off! You don't have to be a BLACK person, you just have to be a person. That's all that's required. Obama grew up in a multicultural environment that celebrates cultures, but is pretty indifferent to race. The African American/White American dichotomy is soo 20th century. Time to move on and celebrate what's good in each diverse culture. Its all good, except for that which isn't and we all need to learn to avoid those aspects.

  • theRightizright

    Hurt feelings? Over what, Harlan? Because Wright was exposed for who he is? lol…he hasn't even been FULLY exposed yet! Wait until reporters REALLY dig deep into his past. Better yet, wait until some disgruntled parishoner from the church where he hollered every week exposes him!

    We're just now hearing about how he was supposed to counsel a married couple, and ended up stealing the guy's wife! Anti-American, racist to the core, and a homewrecker? That spells t-o-t-a-l l-o-s-e-r.

  • soulsearcher99

    I heard that the press conference, where Wright was at his "best" performance, that he was invited by the Clinton campaign. It is on MSNBC and on youtube now where they mention this.
    I watch CNN (can't bear FOX) and agree they only harp on the damaging issues of Barack and slightly skim over Hillary and McCain's damaging issues.

  • HarlanLovestone

    Oh I meant of Obama supposedly did a 360 and became "Black" ( whatever that means) and dressed like a cross bewteen shaft and the black panthers, he would undoubtly lose all his white votes. He might satisfy a few militant blacks , but at what cost? I think the media is stirring the pot with this Rev Wright thing, but Rev Wright should stand down and realize he's being minipulated and his comments hurt Obama at a crucial time.

  • HarlanLovestone

    He's lose all his white votes. I under stand where Rev Wright is coming from, But I think he should have waited to make his rebuttal or at least been more diplomatic, cause this is an important time for Obama and heck for black people in general if you consider Obama is closer than any other black person has been to winning the Oval Office. There is a bigger picture here I think.Bigger than even Rev. Wrights hurt feelings.

  • HarlanLovestone

    I didnt see Rev Wrights speech. I kind of feel this riff between Obama and his pastor was created by the media. The reality is Obama has universal appeal, heck he's half white! That doesn't make him an uncle tom. Doesn't make him Martin Luther king either. I think Obama is using his universal appeal to run for Office and there is nothing wrong with that. If Obama were to wake up and do a press conference dressed as a black panther he might gain a few black votes but I gurantee

  • HarlanLovestone

    $7000 to educate, $40,000 in incarcerate Is that what it means to be black today? If so we need to raise the bar.

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