Is Iron Man the New Face of Marvel?

admin / March 15, 2019

Vince and Captain Logan discuss Iron Man’s rise to A-list fame. Has Spider-Man taken a back seat to Tony Stark?




  • Experienced Hand

    Hmmm…iron man being the face of Marvel just doesn't seem right to me. Doesn't fit. Spiderman is always what comes to my mind when I hear the word marvel. He is just more relatable and u know likeable. I just don't want iron man to be the face of marvel

  • Josiah Wisdom

    when you look up marvel the face of marvel or marvel heroes you will see a marvel line up with spiderman in the front

  • Lame Ass

    I would rather have Iron Man to be again not very well known character for the general audience, but to be a good character, instead of him being everywhere while he isn't anymore a good character. Movies changed him to worse.

  • CAM8689

    don't buy downe….sorry iron man as the face of marvel its not a fad but it not something that will last the test of time spiderman is still no 1 to me and for that matter marvels best team is still the xmen I say that because if it wasn't for movie rights politics not much would have changed….marvel changed things up because it had to.

  • LORDE 2729

    i am sorry but ironman is the new face of marvel. period.

  • Eye

    You opened the floodgates, Cap. My personal favorite IM stories are the David Michelline and Bob Layton run (which I personally think is as good as Simonson's Thor run), Extremis, the Len Kaminski run (you reviewed issue 300, and didn't give it a great review, but it works much better in context), Armor Wars, Armor Wars II, Hypervelocity, the Dragon Seed Saga, Fraction's run, and Kieron Gillen's run (to a lesser extent.)

  • SparaticSpartan

    RDJ is the reason Iron Man has become so popular, hands down. It's like seeing the actual Tony Stark perform in his own series of movies. That's how good RDJ is :/

  • kdragonballz

    I feel like almost all characters can be popular if done well enough I don't think a character is popular because that's how things are

  • Captain Comics

    However, I'm not sure Iron Man's popularity is really completely due to Robert Downey Jr. I mean the Extremis story arc was one of the best Iron Man stories which is before the movie and when Marvel was doing Civil War, they chooses Iron Man as the other 'warlord' to fight against Captain America.
    I, however, was never a huge Iron Man fan. I like the movies, but I just never find the idea of Iron Man as interesting as Cap, Spidey or the X-Men.

  • Captain Comics

    These are the characters I think are A-lister as a kid. Marvel: Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America (He's a A-lister because like Superman he's a symbol everybody knows who he is, his comics back then are not necessarily good, although some are great like Captain America for President) DC: Superman, Batman & Robin, Wonder Woman.
    Iron Man was very much a nobody when I first started comics and animated tv show. I remember he guest starred in Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

  • theepic1701

    I love the iron man films but so far the only iron Man story I have ever read is Extremis.
    I totally agree with Cap about the "Can't get into Iron Man but all about Green Arrow" factor.
    As for re-casting the films, i'm not as confident it'll work but completely agree on the fact that once RDJ is gone interested will fade if not disappear entirely.

  • JosephDiEgidioIII

    Cap, i'd love to see you and Vince, or heck get Shades on this, on the topic of the X-Men: DOFP.

  • jessiegreen619

    I could see iron man at end of movie.

  • Voltan

    Who?! Who the fuck likes Slot, Logan? (O_o)

  • Sheldy.Henron

    Definitely want to hear your thoughts on Singer returning to X-Men with DOFP

  • David Blyth

    The quality of all tose books, shows and games suck though

    Iron Man's output does not

  • sylentknyte

    I agree. I think it's also fair to point out that Iron Man fits the technological obsessed times we live in.

  • skarface black

    popularity maybe, leyendary not even close

  • sylentknyte

    I think Iron Man is reaching Batman-level popularity amongst movie goers.

  • King Jon Targaryen I

    God Of War series story wise sucks but the effort they put in introducing the world of Greek Mythology in the God of War universe is perfect matter a fact when i play God of War games in my view Diana would not seem off in the slightest if she was in that universe it would work cause its Greek Mythology and shes a original character in that mythology just like Kratos lol.

  • King Jon Targaryen I

    WW it pisses me off has a fan cause i not only liked her and superman because superman is like the science fiction and wonder woman is the mythical/fantasy i call her the Thor of the DC universe. Im also a fan of Greek Mythology and there is alot of stuff in the world of Greek mythology you can introduce. Me personally i like it if Diana is from another dimension in which beings like the Olympians and the Titans and Primordials exist not this Greek Gods on are plain its kinda dumb.

  • King Jon Targaryen I

    God Of War series is one of Sony's popular exclusives but WW is Greek Mythology she has fucking villains that you can create out of it. I get it cheetah is her arch-villain but with cheetah why not introduce some of Egyptian mythology since she gets her powers from the Egyptian goddess Baset. WW is Greek mythology why isn't Eris,Apollo, Nemesis, The goddamn female Furies the real ones of Greek Mythology be her villains. Circe in my opinion has the potential to be DCs version of Loki

  • King Jon Targaryen I

    I hope if the Man Of Steel is good people don't hop on Superman's nuts cause has much has superman probably deserves it i don't want to cause to me its like where the fuck where you fans calling him shit and now your praising him because of the Man of Steel films interpretation of Superman. Wonder Woman pisses me off because we have so many things on Greek mythology out like the God Of War series which got some of Greek mythology right but WW you cant do WB bullshit on that one

  • Brad

    Superman will be the face of Marvel when his movie comes out!

  • Zipblockgory

    BATMAN IS DC COMICS at this point. DC has done nothing but praise Batman but really given little to no effort towards other DC characters.

  • Zipblockgory

    Ironman will never be the face of Marvel he's not even an ICON. He got popular during 2008 cause of the movie. Spiderman is still very ICONIC despite his crappy comics as of late. Lets see how long Ironmans popularity last when RDJ leaves the role, when I think Marvel Spiderman will always pop in my head first.

  • blowshimselfupdude

    I think Iron Man is the face of cinematic marvel. But his comics still sell just ok. Even with the popularity of the movies and Fraction's series winning an Eisner people don't stick with it. I really think Wolverine and Spider-man are still the faces of Marvel.

  • cathodez

    For me, the films ruined Spider-Man. I stopped reading comics for a long time and since starting up again I simply can't stand Spider-Man.

    I'm not ready to call Iron Man THE face of Marvel. I think everyone can find their own favorite character in the current Marvel universe.

  • MrEliMac

    You two talk about how you two don't like the current Spidey book. You don't like it for the writer and such stuff like that. My question is if you could write the book how would you bring Peter Parker back and what stories you write for him? This is just a thing where you would be able to take away all the negatives of the Spidey books and be able to fix him completely. Also, have you heard that marvel is thinking of doing a New 52 reboot style on its books? If you have, what are your opinions?

  • Loke Wolf-Father

    I've always seen Spider-man as a gateway superhero. He was my favorite character, and so introduced me to the greater Marvel universe, as his book has always been rife with crossovers and guest stars. Spider-man led me to find Marvel characters that really spoke to me, like Thor and Dr Strange, and I think he functions well in that capacity. Again, his recent weakening is due in part to his shoddy treatment in the books (I do like Superior though), but mainly due to Sony's licensing.

  • Loke Wolf-Father

    A tremendous bulk of Marvel's revenue is coming from their movies, which is why they have such a massive impact on the comics. Spidey might make money, but Marvel isn't raking all that sweet, sweet cash in; Sony is. Whereas Iron Man and his Avengers buddies are all under Marvel's banner, and profits them immensely. No wonder Thor and Iron Man are the kings of Marvel right now. This trend will continue until Marvel is able to make money off of Spidey again (or another hero).

  • JonnyTheYounger

    if iron man really is the face of marvel (debatable) then its weird how the main faces of the two biggest comic companies right now dont have superpowers, but a buttload of money.
    iron man and batman are the best superheroes, because theyre not superheroes.
    thats interesting.

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