Martin Jetpack, Flying like iron man!

admin / March 15, 2019

Martin Jetpack, Flying like iron man!
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  • 8strings

    Don't be fooled by this presentation. No definitive orders, other than a couple of signed MoU's, which mean absolutely nothing. Technical milestones have not been met and specifications have been downgraded as of August 2016. Who knows when the first jetpack will be delivered? A recent ridiculous suggestion is that it can be used as a golf cart on golf courses to fly between teeing areas. Martin Aircraft Company is incorporated in New Zealand, listed on the ASX in Sydney, with its majority shareholder based in China and in turn incorporated in Bermudas and listed in Hong Kong. You are getting the story ……. Do not get sucked into this company as I have.

  • Damian Williams

    I'm 2:46 in to the video, and i'm already getting a headache over the number of times i've rolled my eyes at the scripted false interview clips.
    All that big worded nonsense about how amazing their company is, and the jetpack itself… but still, i've learnt nothing substantial from this video other that the fact that they haven't got anything substantial to say, and are just wasting my time with this video…

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