[OSRS] Druidic Ritual on Hardcore Ironman Skiller

admin / February 11, 2019

Getting an iron dagger (p) – https://youtu.be/MnBynzZwb8w

Druidic Ritual requires Bear, Rat, Beef and Chicken meat.
• Beef and Chicken can be purchased in Port Sarim
• Bear and Rat can only be obtained from monster drops

You must deal a non-zero hit to have a chance at inflicting poison. The chances of inflicting poison are 1 in 4 for melee and 1 in 8 for ranged. The type of poison doesn’t affect these chances.

To prevent hitting a 2, your Melee Strength bonus must be:
Less than 16 when using “Aggressive” combat style.
Less than 32 when using “Controlled” combat style.
Less than 43 when using “Accurate” or “Defensive” combat styles.

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