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admin / February 12, 2019

Kya Quinn is back with an all-new episode of ‘Yellow Spandex,’ and this time she’s set her sights on the Daredevil, the Man Without Fear!
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For a blind guy, Matt did a pretty decent job with his first Daredevil costume. History wouldn’t be too kind to the yellow and maroon color combination, but it’s an important step in the Daredevil costume evolution. Starting with issue #7, the iconic Daredevil costume we know and love made it’s debut, and it stood as the default Daredevil suit for decades. There were some additional Daredevil costumes, like his edgy ‘90s armored outfit and his grimdark Shadowland gear, but throughout the history of Daredevil’s costume he keeps going back to the classic red.

After a failed attempt to pitch a pilot starring Black Widow and Daredevil by Angie Bowie, the first appearance of Matt Murdock in live action was in a TV movie called The Trial of the Incredible Hulk. Rex Smith played Murdock in an all black Daredevil costume that inspired his early costume in The Man Without Fear miniseries. We also got our first glimpse of the Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, played by the bearded, hirsute John Rhys-Davies. But Daredevil was never picked up for a TV series, so the next adaptation wouldn’t come until the 2003 Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck.

The Ben Affleck Daredevil movie isn’t without its flaws, but a lot of us have fond nostalgia for it. The Ben Affleck Daredevil costume, not so much. Superhero movies were still obsessed with leather, so the stealthy urban ninja Daredevil is running around Hell’s Kitchen in a shiny, squeaky leather suit. It worked well enough for the era though, unlike Elektra and Bullseye’s costumes (or lack thereof). Colin Farrell was an awesome assassin, but he didn’t even bother wearing a costume. Now Michael Clarke Duncan’s Wilson Fisk was damn near perfection, and it’s a shame he didn’t get to play the role in a better movie. Now that we’ve arrived in the Netflix era, the Netflix Daredevil costume seems to have found the right balance between form and functionality, and the rest of the characters have followed suit. The MCU Daredevil costume is one of the better onscreen superhero suits, and I’m sure it’s going to work great as The Defenders Daredevil costume.

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