Tony Stark vs Iron Man?! (The Mask in the Iron Man) – Back Issues

admin / October 12, 2018

Pick up The Mask in the Iron Man here: Tony Stark has created his most advanced suit of armor yet: one with artificial intelligence! The suit moves on its own, fights on its own — and makes decisions on its own. The new Iron Man has none of Tony’s weaknesses — except Rumiko Fujikawa, the woman Tony loves. The suit loves her, too. And so, for it to take over Tony’s life and “become” him for good, Iron Man must kill Tony Stark!

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Sal is an old-school comics nerd, while Ben and Ethan spent their youth outside with friends. As a result, they have little to no idea how complicated answers to simple questions about comics can be. Sal attempts to contextualize them in a conversational way.

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