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Match and Learn Colors with Marvel Avenger Superheroes Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America Toys!

Learn and Match Colors with Avengers Toys! Learn the different colors of Iron Man (Red & Yellow), Hulk (Green & Purple), and Captain America (Red, White, & Blue) by matching colors with the superheroes! The Superheroes lose their colors and turn black and white! Help them regain their colors by matching the correct colors with the color hero! This is a fun skit for young children and toddlers to help them learn and identify colors using a little imagination and fun toys from Marvel’s Avengers!

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Marvel Select Infinity War Iron Man, Avengers 4 Figures, Disney Store Exclusive Black Series & More

Get the rundown for all the latest action figure news.

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Marvel Fase 1 | Te Lo Resumo Así Nomás#82

El mundo, o quizás el universo entero, está en peligro. Y hay una sola persona capaz que solucionar esto o por lo menos capaz que juntar a la gente conveniente para arreglar esto. Y ese alguien es Samuel Jackson… un tuerto que es director de una agencia de recontra espionaje que se llama Shield y gracias a él comienza la aventura de superhéroes más grande de todos los tiempos. Por eso hoy en te lo resumo así nomás: El universo cinematográfico de Marvel… Fase uno.

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Y esta es toda la música que se usó/robó…
00:01 | Jane de Jefferson Starship
00:25 | Exploring & Travelling Theme del soundtrack de Lost
00:46 | Soundtrack de María la del Barrio
01:31 | Intro de la serie animada La Liga de la Justicia
01:44 | Intro de Alf
02:06 | Gonna give you up de Rick Astley
03:01 | Flashdance What A Feeling de Irene Cara
03:58 | Soundtrack de Dragon Ball
04:35 | The Lonely Man Theme de la serie The Incredible Hulk
05:21 | Crazy de Aerosmith
05:43 | Soundtrack de Dragon Ball
06:02 | When Johnny Comes Marching Home de West Point Band
07:45 | Intro de He-Man
08:10 | Down with my baby de Kevin Johansen
08:20 | Tema de Seinfield
09:22 | Soundtrack de Dragon Ball
09:29 | Intro de A-Team
09:53 | Soundtrack de Dragon Ball
10:10 | Why can’t we be friends de War
10:36 | What’s up de 4 non blondes

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Iron Man Short

Short video for an Iron Man costume we built. Out of cardboard and duct tape. NO BIG DEAL.

admin / October 29, 2018

10 Superpowers You Didn’t know Iron Man Has

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10 Superpowers You Didn’t know Iron Man Has!
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When it comes to superheroes and their superpower, Iron Man really isnt thought of because he is a mere mortal who just so happens to have a crap ton of money to make whatever he wants. But we disagree. Iron Man is a badass with kickass superpowers that a lot of people dont know he has.

Iron Man has the ability to heal himself just as Wolverine and Deadpool do. If he needs to he can rebuild organs inside himself.

Tony Stark is nothing without his suit you say? Thats not true one but. He has his superhuman intellect which allows him to predict the future as though he is doing elementary algebra.

Stark not only has his repulsor rays which blast enemy foes away, he has variations of it as well. Such as turning his repulsor ray into a freeze beam where he can freeze anyone he blast. He can turn it into a sonic blast and stop, stun, or even kill with intense sound waves. He has an electromagnetic field to accelerate and decelerate anything magnetic.

He doesnt even have to be at home to put his suit on. He is always carrying it on him because he developed technology to implant it inside his nervous system. So now all he has to do is think about having the suit on and it is on.

On top of it all he is capable of recharging his suit with the energy sources around him. He can even use enemy attacks to charge his suit by absorbing its energy.

There isnt much Iron Man isnt capable of when he puts his mind to it. Watch and enjoy learning about some of Iron Man’s superpowers you didnt really know about.

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