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Julian Edelman – Iron Man

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Spider-Man UNBOXING Black Costume – Symbiote Movie Suit

Sorry guys, this is fiction 😉

Watch how my friend wears the black spiderman costume here:

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SPIDEYPLANET channel trailer:

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Spider-Man: Homecoming – First Look at Shocker, Vulture & Iron Man!

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Two new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming just dropped, and we’ve finally been given our first look at The Vulture & The Shocker in action, along with a cameo by everyone’s favorite genius-billionaire-playboy-philanthropist! What do you think?

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How the Russos Fixed Iron Man | Video Essay

Tony Stark is the godfather of the MCU, and this week we take a deep dive into analysing just how directors Joe and Anthony Russo made the character so compelling in Civil War and Infinity War.


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Why Don’t All The Avengers Have Iron Man Suits?

War Machine and Iron Man talk it out before Avengers 2: Age of Ultron
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Why Don’t All The Avengers Have Iron Man Suits? (Warp Zone Sketch) – Marvel Parody

The Avengers team: Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and War Machine ttalk about the merits of them all having Iron Man suits before their battle with Ultron

Josh Mattingly – Tony Stark
Flitz – Rhodey
Krysten Jorgensen – Black Widow
Davis – Thor
Odom – Captain America
Ryan – Hulk
Keith Leak – Nick Fury
Erin Robinson – Newsreporter

Directed by Michael Schroeder
Cinematography by Michael Schmidt
AD/Key Grip – Eric Thompson
Makeup by Cindy Escalante
Produced and Edited by Brian Fisher
Production Assistant – John Kidde

– The Warp Zone –
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AVENGERS INFINITY WAR “Iron Man Battle Suit” Trailer (2018) Marvel Superhero Movie HD 3

AVENGERS INFINITY WAR “Iron Man Battle Suit” Trailer (2018) Marvel Superhero Movie HD 3
© 2018 – Marvel

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Real Life Iron Man Builds Super Strength “Suit”

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A COMIC book lover turned wacky inventor has come one-step closer to realising his dream of becoming a superhero – by building his very own exoskeleton. The prototype has already allowed James Hobson, 25, to curl 170lbs, lift a Mini Cooper with ease and even pick up a truck. James, from Ontario, Canada, hand built the exoskeleton in his garage – which he has dubbed the ‘Inventorium’.  Inspired by one of his favourite comic book characters, Tony Stark – aka Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr in the Hollywood film franchise – James set up his own company called Hacksmith Industries. Like his childhood hero, James designs and builds an array of weapons and devices – attributing his passion for building machines to his love of comic books. 

Videographer / director: James Hobson
Producer: Bunmi Adigun, Nick Johnson
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR “Spider-Man Iron Suit” TV Spot Trailer NEW (2018) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR “Spider-Man vs. Thanos” TV Spot Trailer NEW (2018) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

Thanos is coming to destroy the Avengers in the brand-new trailer for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR featuring a new look at Spider-Man web slinging against Thanos and more!

CAST: Vin Diesel, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Chadwick Boseman, Scarlett Johansson, Mark Ruffalo, Josh Brolin, Tom Holland

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