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How Many New Iron Man Suits Will We See In Avengers 4?

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Iron Man looks like he will be one of the central heroes in the Avengers 4 and with every Iron Man appearance comes a new suit for him to fly around in. All the way from the first Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War, we’ve seen a wide range of these suits and the amazing technology that go into them. What can we expect for the big grand finale in the Avengers 4?! Well, there are a ton of different options and many of them don’t even include Tony Stark.

First, Stark must get off the planet he was left on near the end of Infinity War. How can he do this? Well, we’re sure his trusty nano tech armor will help. Pepper Potts was barely in the first Infinity War, but we’ve seen what she can do with some Iron Man armor in the past so maybe she’ll return to her roots for the sequel. If all of the time travel rumors are true, then Iron Man may be sporting a whole different color other than red this time around. Could we see an all-white Iron Man suit? Well, if the toys are any indication, then this is exactly what the future holds. How does War Machine fit into all of this? Well, he could be getting a major weapon upgrade to help take on Thanos. When the Avengers assemble again, many eyes will be on Iron Man as he attempts to save all those who died during the snap along with protecting his friends along the way. Watch to see what kind of armor we will get to see in the movie!

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Avengers 4 – PEPPER POTTS ARMOR Revealed!

Avengers 4 Theory! Why does Pepper Potts have her own Iron Man armor, and what does this tell us about the followup to Avengers Infinity War? Is Pepper wearing the Rescue Armor from the Iron Man comics, or is this a new suit for a specific mission? Erik Voss explains why Gwyneth Paltrow’s photo appears to be legit, and what it means for Avengers 4. Does Pepper’s armor confirm the time travel / alternate reality theories? How far into the future will Avengers 4 take place? Does Pepper’s armor mean Tony Stark will die in the next Avengers movie?



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Ironman Jetpack Suit Using Battery Fog Machine Ironman Cosplay

Here is a real life Iron Man Suit with a working Jetpack based on the official marvel this was added by self, but the suit came from killerbody. smoke effect. Ironman costume, and cosplay. Real working iron man armor suit. Mini fog machine attached inside. Jetpack Ironman Jetpack

Killerbody Ironman Group


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Iron Man’s New Nanotech Armor Upgrades in Avengers 4

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As we get closer to Avengers 4 we receive new details and concept art for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. For Iron Man, we get a new look at his armor upgrades as he prepares for another battle against Thanos.

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admin / October 18, 2018

What is Iron Man’s Most Powerful Suit of Armor?

So Iron Man is one of my favorite heroes out there and his claim to fame is kinda an obvious one – all of his incredible suits of armor. And Tony has made so many of these things. In fact, he’s made well over 50 suits that he’s used in a fight. But which one is his most powerful? Well thats what we’re gonna find out today!

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