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Make an Iron Man Arc Reactor for Tony Stark Cosplay – DIY Ultra Thin Wearable with LEDs

Blue LED String:

I really feel like Tony Stark with this easy to make Arc Reactor that won’t break your budget! It’s not meant to be pretty looking but it looks good when it’s under your shirt. It’s powered by AA batteries and a string of LED lights so it won’t get hot against your chest. And it’s super thin! I don’t really like costume parties but the Arc Reactor is impressive and it’s virtually unnoticeable when the lights are off. The main part of the Arc Reactor is made of CDs or DVDs. I used a regular sized DVD and a mini-CD-R disc. Also, we will need the clear filler disc found at the bottom of every stack of blank discs.

Once it’s under a shirt, the Arc Reactor is super thin an unnoticeable! I think everyone can follow along with this easy Arc Reactor tutorial. The only thing you really have to buy is the LED string lights. I got mine from Amazon (see link below for the ones I got). Remember you only need the string with 20 LEDs. I will also leave a link where you can download the paper guide I used at the beginning of the video.

Blue LED String:
White LED String:
Mini CD-R Discs:
PDF Template:

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admin / October 12, 2018

Real Reactor for Iron Man Repulsor DIY

Making fully functional Tony Stark reactor.
Step by Step. With a box of scraps.
Enjoy watching and thank you for the encouragement!
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First Real Iron Man repulsor DIY

Making plasma repulsor like in Iron Man movie.
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