admin / October 25, 2018

Iron Man Mark 6 Costume Suit Up – Homemade Foam Avengers Armor

Hey guys! This a compilation of clips that my dad took of me (sorry about the phone camera quality) in the suit on Halloween. i will also be uploading each individual part of the suit and explain how it was made and how you can make one too as well as a suit up video showing how the suit actually moves on a person. As always thanks for watching and don’t forget to leave a like and subscribe for more epic costume videos!

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admin / October 11, 2018

Iron Man Mark 6 Suit (Marvel) Speed Art Drawing #1

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guysssssssssss!
This is my speed art of Iron Mans Mark 6 Suit, i hope you guys like the way i’ve laid this one out, if so please dont forget to leave a like and a comment as to what you would like to see next 🙂
The next video will be of a DC character as i dont want a war to break out between DCU and the MCU fans.
See you all next time!!!!
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admin / October 4, 2018

Ironman mark 6 costume Philippines

Cosplaying as Ironman Mark 6 during a Halloween event held in Valenzuela city on Oct 27 – 28, 2017 and entertaining everyone the chance to meet up close personally with Ironman and seeing many young or old enjoying have made us feel better. Thanks!

admin / September 5, 2018

Iron Man costume glove gauntlet costume

Glove is painted now. Added thin elastic string to the fingers it works great so far. I may paint it with the Iron Man 3 color scheme, not sure yet. Gotta do the finger ribbing then add the LEDs and its fin.

admin / September 5, 2018

iron man foam suit build

my first mark 6 foam iron man suit. took me about two months. was happy with every thing paint job was rushed will redo. thanks for watching like and share!!!

admin / August 26, 2018

Funny Iron Man Mark 6 suit or Hulkbuster?

Here is a funny Iron Man mark VI costume from the movie Iron Man 2. A brave cosplay master in Hong Kong enjoying the fun of avengers cosplay as Iron Man. Parts of the suit looks like Halo and Spartan! LOL!

Cosplay コスプレ or Costume Play is a hobby that has gained its popularity amongst teenagers and young adults. The idea is to dress up as a particular cartoon, video game or comic book character and take photos. It originated in Japan, where the comics and cartoon industry is huge.

admin / August 24, 2018

Iron Man Mark 6 Costume – Homemade Foam Avengers Armor (pepakura)

Hey guys this is the best costume i have ever made using foam pepakura templates. I wanted to upload this before Halloween but i had a lot of work that was due that week and i ran out of time. In the next few weeks i will be making videos explaining how i made each part and an guys some useful tips when it comes to building foam costumes. Thanks for watching and because i am trying to get this channel going, it would be greatly appreciated if you dropped a like and subscribed:D

admin / August 21, 2018

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