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Iron Man Mark 1 Costume (Mark I, Mark One)

Here is an awesome Halloween costume made for 2009. It’s an accurate replica of the Iron Man Mark I costume that Tony Stark made in the cave out of scraps!!!! It has a light-up arc reactor, a missile arming button that lights up and a hatch that opens to reveal a guided missile. The guy who wore this costume on Halloween won first place in every costume contest he entered and had girls flocking around him asking to have their photo taken with him. This costume fits a large man: 6′ to 6’6″, 190 to 240 lbs, and will be for sale on eBay on March 1, 2010.

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Iron Man – Bande Annonce – VF

Bande Annonce du film “Iron Man” en français.

Réalisé par Jon Favreau
Avec Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow

Date de sortie : 30 Avril 2008

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Iron Man Costume making of (Feb 2009)

This is a new presentation of my current project to create an IRON MAN armor in Metal. This video show the evolution of the creation of the armor from the beginning (may 2008) until now. Also, the two version of the helmet

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BLACK SABBATH “Iron Man” – 2 Girls 3 Harps (Harp Twins) HARP METAL

You have seen “One” and “North”, our 2 Girls 1 Harp videos… so now we give you 2 Girls 3 Harps! “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath is one of our favorite classic heavy metal songs. To get a wide array of sounds, we use fuzz distortion on our electric harp as well as numerous mechanical techniques on our acoustic harp, including hand percussion and pedal buzzes. We love arranging complex songs in a way that we can play live at our shows, exactly as you see and hear them in our videos! No loops, overlays, or backtracks! Please like, comment and share! We have more metal covers coming… so subscribe and don’t miss out!

Please listen with headphones or good speakers for best sound!

This is our 6th video filmed at the gorgeous Sanfilippo Estate… along with Stairway to Heaven, Crazy Train, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Downton Abbey Theme, and Phantom of the Opera!

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Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Music Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Bartlett
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
“Iron Man” composed by Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward

Camille and Kennerly obtained licensing from the original publisher to release their harp audio recording of “Iron Man” as heard in this original music video.

Special Thanks to:
Jasper and Marian Sanfilippo and the Sanfilippo Foundation
and Gregory Leifel, Executive Director, Sanfilippo Foundation

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Marvel’s Iron Man Meets Metal

Hey guys!!!

So..haha. As many of you may or may not know, Iron Man is one of my favorite Marvel characters. The theme to the first movie is a brilliant Iron Man theme and I just had to give it a try. It wasn’t easy playing in that thing haha. There’s a couple flubs in there but I really wanted to keep the suit on for the vid. Also, I saw yesterday that we passed 1,000,000 subs. There’s a proper “thank you” vid on the way but I wanted to tell you here as well 🙂 Thank you from the bottom of my little metal heart! Happy Halloween and be safe out there!

Best to ya





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Black Sabbath – “Iron Man” from The End

Performing “Iron Man” live for the very last time.

Order the full, uninterrupted concert film, live album and the very last in-studio jam session from the band here at