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10 Superpowers You Didn’t know Iron Man Has

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10 Superpowers You Didn’t know Iron Man Has!
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When it comes to superheroes and their superpower, Iron Man really isnt thought of because he is a mere mortal who just so happens to have a crap ton of money to make whatever he wants. But we disagree. Iron Man is a badass with kickass superpowers that a lot of people dont know he has.

Iron Man has the ability to heal himself just as Wolverine and Deadpool do. If he needs to he can rebuild organs inside himself.

Tony Stark is nothing without his suit you say? Thats not true one but. He has his superhuman intellect which allows him to predict the future as though he is doing elementary algebra.

Stark not only has his repulsor rays which blast enemy foes away, he has variations of it as well. Such as turning his repulsor ray into a freeze beam where he can freeze anyone he blast. He can turn it into a sonic blast and stop, stun, or even kill with intense sound waves. He has an electromagnetic field to accelerate and decelerate anything magnetic.

He doesnt even have to be at home to put his suit on. He is always carrying it on him because he developed technology to implant it inside his nervous system. So now all he has to do is think about having the suit on and it is on.

On top of it all he is capable of recharging his suit with the energy sources around him. He can even use enemy attacks to charge his suit by absorbing its energy.

There isnt much Iron Man isnt capable of when he puts his mind to it. Watch and enjoy learning about some of Iron Man’s superpowers you didnt really know about.

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Top 10 Iron Man Comics You Should Read

He dominates the big screen, but what are the comics that tell the best stories about Marvel’s iron-clad hero? Join as we count down the Top 10 Iron Man Comics You Should Read. Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►►
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For this list, we’re looking at awesome Iron Man tales that are exceptionally well told and/or have an important place in the Iron Man canon – in other words, stories that are genuinely Marvel-ous.

Special thanks to our user Godslayer79 for submitting the idea on our Interactive Suggestion Tool at

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Iron Man 2 XOS 2 “exoskeleton suit” featurette

Iron Man 2 behind-the-scenes featurette with real-life exoskeleton suit in conjunction with the debut of IRON MAN 2 on DVD and Blu-ray. Paramount press material. More news about Iron Man 2 at

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10 Times Iron Man Was Actually A Villain

When did this happen to Iron Man? Does Spiderman know about it?? 10 Times Iron Man Was Actually A Villain! Subscribe to our channel:

In the hierarchy of Marvel comic book and cinematic universe characters, Tony Stark is one of its most high profile assets. His father was Howard Stark, genius and founder of Stark Industries and early adopter of helping to defend the planet against attacks.
Everybody’s favorite genius billionaire playboy philanthropist has saved the world many times over, both by himself and alongside his fellow Avengers. Yet at his core, Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, remains a deeply flawed human being. For every heroic trait he possesses, like loyalty to his friends, there’s an equally unsavory one that exists within him, such as his complete lack of humility.

Marvel Studios’ blockbuster movies starring Robert Downey Jr. have elevated Iron Man to incredible new heights, mixing snarky humor with know-it-all brilliance in just the right amounts that we always root for him. The actor’s impossible charm has made him far and away the most beloved adaptation of the character, but Tony hasn’t always been a good man in the comics. The movie version of Iron Man may cause audiences to overlook some of his comic book flaws, but you can’t look away for too long.

Tony Stark is the captain of his own destiny and responsible for his own choices. No one forced him to exile Hulk. No one said he had to build a prison and then capture his own friends and lock them away in the prison. Did Thor clone himself? No. Tony did that. He has more money than the universe combined and yet, went back to selling arms. Yes, Tony can follow the rules, but it seems only when it benefits him.

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Rage Quit – Iron Man 2 | Rooster Teeth

Michael suits up in this week’s Rage Quit as he plays Iron Man 2. Do you think he has what it takes to be the man of steel? No not that other guy, the one in the metal suit. Join FIRST to watch episodes early:

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Rage Quit – Iron Man 2 | Rooster Teeth

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Does an Avengers 4 Set Photo Reveal Iron Man’s New Weapon? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

Avengers 4 details have been scarce besides some trolls and art, but thanks to a set photo, do we finally have some iron clad weapon details? Jessica calls in the heavy weaponry on today’s Nerdist News!

Do you want to this weapon make its big screen debut? Let us know in the comments below!

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Iron Man vs Captain America – Real Life Superhero Fight – Halloween Battle!

Iron Man vs Captain America Real Life Superhero Fight with Halloween Costumes. Just having fun with the kiddos.
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10 Lies You Were Told About Iron Man

Has Marvel always been truthful about tony stark and his ironman suit? find out with 10 Lies You Were Told About Iron Man!
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As every comic book fan knows, you can spend years, decades even, following your favorite superheroes across the galaxy. You read up on their every mission, who their current arch nemesis is, and what’s going on in their personal lives. You pour over the pages, memorizing all the backstory and crossovers into other franchises. Or if you are a fan of the film, you spend hours watching the different movies and piecing together the cinematic universe to get all the storylines straight. Is Thor on Asgard right now or is with The Avengers fighting to save the world again? It can be a lot of work and hard to remember everything.

Then, just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and you know everything there is to know, BAM. A piece of dialogue or action occurs and everything you knew is turned upside down. What’s the truth anymore? Who is this character? When did it all change? Did I even know the truth to begin with or was it always a lie?
Knowing the truth for superheroes is probably the hardest thing to do as a fan—keeping their alter ego and superhero facts straight all at once. This is made even harder when the character has been around for decades, like Iron Man. Tony Stark is one of Marvel’s longest running franchises in comic and film form. That means there are a lot of facts and a lot of lies. We’re here to help blast through those lies and get to the iron truth

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Iron Man 2 Alternate Takes

Robert Downey Jr. demanded all of these options. See our videos a month earlier at and follow us on