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Real Reactor for Iron Man Repulsor DIY

Making fully functional Tony Stark reactor.
Step by Step. With a box of scraps.
Enjoy watching and thank you for the encouragement!
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admin / October 3, 2018

Iron Man Power Suit #10 | Arc Reactor | James Bruton

This is my Arc Reactor prop which s mostly made from items I got in 99p stores, and a few other bits.

The biggest challenge making your own Iron Man power suit – that you can actually wear! – is how much detail. Every expects it to look accurate in terms of colour and shaping, and if you’re going to get inside it latches, strapping and so on is a must but… what else? Do you motorise the faceplate? How much lighting and depth do you give the unibeam? What kind of flexibility and motion do the knees, knuckles and neck need? Well, hopefully you’ll agree I went all out on this Iron Man build. Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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admin / September 26, 2018

Iron Man Mark 1 Costume (Mark I, Mark One)

Here is an awesome Halloween costume made for 2009. It’s an accurate replica of the Iron Man Mark I costume that Tony Stark made in the cave out of scraps!!!! It has a light-up arc reactor, a missile arming button that lights up and a hatch that opens to reveal a guided missile. The guy who wore this costume on Halloween won first place in every costume contest he entered and had girls flocking around him asking to have their photo taken with him. This costume fits a large man: 6′ to 6’6″, 190 to 240 lbs, and will be for sale on eBay on March 1, 2010.

admin / September 5, 2018

iron man mark III 2010 costume


this is my mrk. III iron man costume that i made up for halloween 2010. it took about a year or so to make, and i think it came out pretty nicely. tell me what you think about it

The helmet is made from sharkhead’s hd iron man helmet pep

the rest of it is belakors pep files

Im going to post links when i can find them again =D

all songs and sfx are not my property by copyright, and so it wont be used for a profit, just for entertainment only.

requim for a dream- Lord of the rings soundtrack
voodoo people- The Prodigy