admin / October 12, 2018

Iron Man – Hero (Music Video)

I made this for my final in my digital editing college class in 2010, as a freshman. I do not own the song or the video, just the editing. Dont forget to SUBSCRIBE! ^^

admin / October 12, 2018

Real Reactor for Iron Man Repulsor DIY

Making fully functional Tony Stark reactor.
Step by Step. With a box of scraps.
Enjoy watching and thank you for the encouragement!
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admin / October 9, 2018

Simple Arc Reactor for Tony Stark/Iron Man Costumes

I designed this simple arc reactor kit for the costuming enthusiast. I am selling it in separate parts so that you can pick and choose what you want. If you would like one of them for yourself or just to learn more about it then visit my thread on

admin / September 13, 2018

First Real Iron Man repulsor DIY

Making plasma repulsor like in Iron Man movie.
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admin / September 5, 2018

Iron Man costume glove gauntlet costume

Glove is painted now. Added thin elastic string to the fingers it works great so far. I may paint it with the Iron Man 3 color scheme, not sure yet. Gotta do the finger ribbing then add the LEDs and its fin.

admin / September 5, 2018

iron man mark III 2010 costume


this is my mrk. III iron man costume that i made up for halloween 2010. it took about a year or so to make, and i think it came out pretty nicely. tell me what you think about it

The helmet is made from sharkhead’s hd iron man helmet pep

the rest of it is belakors pep files

Im going to post links when i can find them again =D

all songs and sfx are not my property by copyright, and so it wont be used for a profit, just for entertainment only.

requim for a dream- Lord of the rings soundtrack
voodoo people- The Prodigy

admin / August 24, 2018

Iron Man Mark 6 Costume – Homemade Foam Avengers Armor (pepakura)

Hey guys this is the best costume i have ever made using foam pepakura templates. I wanted to upload this before Halloween but i had a lot of work that was due that week and i ran out of time. In the next few weeks i will be making videos explaining how i made each part and an guys some useful tips when it comes to building foam costumes. Thanks for watching and because i am trying to get this channel going, it would be greatly appreciated if you dropped a like and subscribed:D

admin / August 13, 2018