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DIY Spider-Man Mask with Moving Eyes

DIY Spider-Man Mask with Moving Eyes

In today’s video I want to show you how to make amazing Spider-Man mask with moving eyes from cardboard. It looks almost like real one except it has original cardboard color. Also you can control eyes width by moving your jaw. By the way, Halloween is coming soon! So don’t wait, build your own mask.


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Marvel Select Infinity War Iron Man, Avengers 4 Figures, Disney Store Exclusive Black Series & More

Get the rundown for all the latest action figure news.

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SPIDER-MAN vs IRON MAN in Real Life! Superhero Battle

Spider-Man VS Iron Man Tony Stark in the famous “I need the suit” scene from Spider-Man Homecoming, recreated in our epic hilarious Real LIfe Superhero Battle style. Spider-Man in his homemade suit is the ultimate Spider-Man Homecoming cosplay.

This video was recorded during VidCon weekend in Los Angeles, California at the Santa Monica Pier!

The Sean Ward Show is a fan parody series about superheroes, comics, and comic con culture. If you love Spider-Man, Batman, Deadpool, Superman, or any Marvel & DC superheroes, you will laugh at this hilarious collection of pranks, skits, sketches, and short films.

Special thanks to my collaborators who wrote the video and starred in it with me….

Kyle Blankenfeld a.k.a. Snowy Spidey as Spider-Man

Mike Fallin as Sappy Hogan

with Sean Ward as Tony Stark/Iron Man

camera by Cristobal Hernandez

editing by Cas Lyon & Rupert Swag

directed by Sean Ward

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The Evolution Of Spider-Man’s Suits

This is how Marvel’s Spider-man suit changed through the years.
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Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man has been around for decades and he’s had more than a few costume changes during that time. We’ll reveal the history of Spider-Man’s various outfits in both the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These suits have come a long way since their simple sweatpants versions and some have been designed to fight certain enemies.

We’ll talk about Tony Stark’s contribution of the Iron Spider Suit during Spider-Man: Homecoming and reveal the Spider-Man Noir style stealth suit from Spider-Man: Far From Home. Peter Parker isn’t the only person to have the “Spider-Man” title or to wear a super suit. We’ll talk about the evolution of the classic hero suit and many of the unique versions which exist. In the comments section, make sure to tell us what your favorite Spider-Man costume is. Then, click on the subscribe button for more videos from us here at CBR.


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admin / October 20, 2018

Wearable Iron Man Mark 47 Armor Costume (Spider Man Homecoming) Industrial Level 3D Model – Part 2

Industrial level 3D model of the neck armor, chest & back armor and shoulder caps.

The Wearable Iron Man Mark 47 / Mark 46 from the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming and the movie Captain America: Civil War 2016. This is the latest model of the Iron Man armor in the movie. We have been working on this fantastic armor costumes for 10 months. As usual, the quality of our armor costumes will be movie-accurate and ultra-realistic. Follow us and stay tuned!

admin / October 13, 2018

The Evolution of Spider-Man’s Costume | Yellow Spandex #1 | NowThis Nerd

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Spider-Man costumes in live-action have come a long way over the last few decades. Now, we might have the best Spider-Man costume ever in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Costume, uniform, super suit… Whatever you want to call them, superhero wardrobes are hard to adapt from the comic page to the big screen, and Spider-Man’s is particularly difficult. That’s why we’re exploring Spider-Man’s costume history.

Starting from the strange ‘70s Turkish Spider-Man movie, we’ll work our way through the Electric Company Spider-Man segments, the live-action Spider-Man TV series and the Japanese Spider-Man show. Then we tackle the 2002 Spider-Man costume, which set a pretty high standard. The Tobey Maguire Spider-Man was a breath of fresh air after the disappointing X-Men movie uniforms.

But the Sam Raimi Spider-Man costume wouldn’t last forever, and we got a new Spider-Man uniform with the reboot. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ costume was definitely a new take on the classic Spider-Man suit. ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ costume was even better, with an awesome design ripped straight from the Marvel comics. And now that we’ve seen the MCU Spider-Man costume in action, we’re more excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming than ever.

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