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IronMan 2 in 10 seconds

I’m back as an Iron Man !! I told you I will be back 🙂 This time Iron Man !! I made Iron Man box costume and tried to be an Iron Man in 10 seconds again. I hope you like it, too!!

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New Iron Man Experience Full Ride POV Hong Kong Disneyland


The new Iron Man Experience has soft opened at Hong Kong Disneyland and TPR was invited to come be the very first public riders on the attraction! The ride is like Star Tours on steroids! Yet another evolution of the already great motion based simulator system!

This is the first ever “Marvel” ride to be in a Disney theme park!

(note that the ride is actually in 3D but we put the 3D glasses over our Pivothead glasses to film so you can get a better idea of what the ride media looks like!)

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Iron Man vs Captain America – Real Life Superhero Fight – Halloween Battle!

Iron Man vs Captain America Real Life Superhero Fight with Halloween Costumes. Just having fun with the kiddos.
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Avengers Infinity war is Releasing in May 2018 on Big Screens around the world starring Chris Hemsworth as Thor,Robert Downey Jr. as Iron man and Chris Evans as Captain America Chris Patt as Star Lord, Scarlett Johansan as Black Widow also includes Vision , Scarlett Witch, Gamora, Groot,Rocket,Loki Winter Soldier

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10 Lies You Were Told About Iron Man

Has Marvel always been truthful about tony stark and his ironman suit? find out with 10 Lies You Were Told About Iron Man!
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As every comic book fan knows, you can spend years, decades even, following your favorite superheroes across the galaxy. You read up on their every mission, who their current arch nemesis is, and what’s going on in their personal lives. You pour over the pages, memorizing all the backstory and crossovers into other franchises. Or if you are a fan of the film, you spend hours watching the different movies and piecing together the cinematic universe to get all the storylines straight. Is Thor on Asgard right now or is with The Avengers fighting to save the world again? It can be a lot of work and hard to remember everything.

Then, just when you think you’ve got it all figured out and you know everything there is to know, BAM. A piece of dialogue or action occurs and everything you knew is turned upside down. What’s the truth anymore? Who is this character? When did it all change? Did I even know the truth to begin with or was it always a lie?
Knowing the truth for superheroes is probably the hardest thing to do as a fan—keeping their alter ego and superhero facts straight all at once. This is made even harder when the character has been around for decades, like Iron Man. Tony Stark is one of Marvel’s longest running franchises in comic and film form. That means there are a lot of facts and a lot of lies. We’re here to help blast through those lies and get to the iron truth

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Iron Man Mark 6 Suit (Marvel) Speed Art Drawing #1

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyy Guysssssssssss!
This is my speed art of Iron Mans Mark 6 Suit, i hope you guys like the way i’ve laid this one out, if so please dont forget to leave a like and a comment as to what you would like to see next 🙂
The next video will be of a DC character as i dont want a war to break out between DCU and the MCU fans.
See you all next time!!!!
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Daedalus Suit: A British Inventor Built A Real-Life Iron Man-Like Suit | TIME

A British inventor has built an Iron Man-like suit dubbed the “Daedalus suit,” which can reach altitudes of a few thousand feet and propel users hundreds miles per hour.
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Daedalus Suit: A British Inventor Built A Real-Life Iron Man-Like Suit | TIME

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Interfaz Iron man skin Rainmeter

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10 Superpowers Ironman Wants To Keep Secret

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10 Superpowers Ironman Wants To Keep Secret
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There is no doubt Iron Man is one of the most famous and popular heroes in Marvel’s catalogue right now. Who can resist that playboy smile and slick red and gold suit? Thanks to the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming this year, fans got more Tony Stark in their lives. Having to wait for the release of the Infinity Wars movie in 2018 is too long a wait!

With every new appearance of Robert Downey Jr’s much beloved character, we learn something new about his abilities. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is known for keeping secrets, but we dug real deep to pull out the truth out about Iron Man’s powers. For instance, did you know that Stark has accelerated regenerative abilities? While his wound may not close immediately like Wolverine or a head grow back like Deadpool, Stark heals faster than the normal human. Which helps him when he is wirelessly communicating with global systems to gain valuable information. He doesn’t even need to jack in, he can do it from wherever he is. That leads to his ability to literally launch the Iron Man suit from within himself. Due to contact with Extremis, Stark can internally store the suit.

That is a powerful weapon in the fight against evil. Additional secret powers that give Iron Man the advantage include his genius-level intellect and advanced tactical skills. Now that we are talking about it, we wouldn’t want to cross this guy on the battlefield. In addition, Iron Man con project holographic decoys to buy himself time while he transforms into the car to speed away.We just hope we aren’t giving too much away and Tony’s enemies find this and use it against him!

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Agar Mai Iron Man Hota! | Official Trailer | MP Original’s | Manan Patel

Hello Friends, Meri First Debut Short Film “Agar Mai Iron Man Hota” 7th October ko release hone vali hai…Aajke video me uska trailer hai..

Written, Direct & Produce by Manan Patel

Manan Patel, Bhavya Rana, Nupur Modi, Deep Darj, Raj Pagi.

Special thanks to VARSHABEN P. PATEL

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